Shopping in Kohima

Kohima is a place of delight for the shopaholics.Once in Kohima, tourists will have a wonderful opportunity to buy traditional and ethnic things not to be found anywhere. You would be delighted to buy popular items like Naga shawls, bamboo items and other hand crafted items, bags, mats and other attractive items in Kohima. So get a huge bag ready to shop in Kohima.

What to shop

Kohima is a wonderful place to shop for traditional attires, cane and bamboo products and Naga jewellery. Here is the list of items one can shop in Kohima.

Traditional attires in Kohimatraditional naga shawls

There are a total of 16 tribes amongst the Naga people so every tribe has its own unique design and identity. The people here weave different kind of shawls, dresses and mekhela sarongs which are attires that are wrapped around one’s body. These clothes are very popular and with the change of time, there are different types of these woven according to the people’s needs and fully customized. Maintaining the ancestral Naga touch, the clothes are enhanced and modified accordingly without losing its traditional touch. Jackets, hats, skirts, shirts are also others are the best items one can buy from here.

Artifacts and Souvenirs of Kohima

naga handicraftsBeadworks are a very significant handwork of the people of Nagaland. Beadworks can be seen not only in accessories but also dresses and attires of the Naga people. Papier mache is another composition out of which the locals here make handicraft items. Dolls are also made handfracted with traditional local attires which make perfect gifts. Other items which can be added to the shopping list are wooden spears, swords, bowls, belts and other accessories.

Naga Jewellery

Naga jewellery are some of the new fashionable accessories which are in vogue. The jeweleries consist of earrings, danglers, armlets, bracelets, nose rings, etc. These jewellery pieces are made up of different type of raw materials such as wood, iron, brass, etc. these are local artifacts that need to be treasured and kept as pieces of souvenir.

Shopping Markets and areas in Kohima

There are a few places in Kohima which is famous for market and shopping purposes. Some of the market places famous in Kohima and worth visiting for shopping are:

Mao market: This is a huge market area that amazingly deals with second hand vegetables. The specialty of the market itself is its second hand vegetable selling.

Tibetan market:
It is a famous street market in Kohima which deals in vegetables, clothes and other items as well.

Naga Bazar:
Naga bazaar is one such market which is famous for trading with live stock. It is a huge market dealing with different types of edibles such as local vegetation and many other types of meat consumed by the Naga people.

Wholesale Market:
As the name clearly says, it is a wholesale market that deals in grocery items at the least price possible. The market is filled with beautifully tradition attire clad Naga women, who sells forest, farm, homemade and steamed products to its customers.

Central Market:
This market is primarily known for selling of some local Naga delicacies. The eggs or the larvae of an insect known as the hornet, is edible and sold here as ‘borol’ or ‘wriggling hornet grubs’.

Handicraft and Handloom Emporium (Government Sales Emporium):
Handicraft and Handloom emporium is a government enterprise that works towards the betterment of the cottage industries of the area. Naga handicraft items such as shawls, jackets, sweaters, decorative spears, bamboo baskets, bags , etc. are available here. A tribe from Kohima known as the Ao naga attracts a lot of customers due to its tri colour combo of red, black and white tsungkotepsu which is a hit with the men.

Blue Bazar, Khedi market and Ruzaphema market are also famous shopping places in Kohima.
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